Wax Casting - Two-part workshop

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Wax Casting - Two-part workshop
June 4, 2023


Jun 4, 2023
$357 for two workshops. Includes 2 silver cast pieces of jewellery.

A two-part workshop that explores the art of lost wax casting, an amazing jewellery process where you carve your idea into wax and then cast it in precious metal. It is an ancient practice that goes back thousands of years. | JUNGLE GYM | Part #1: JUNE 4 | 2-5pm

Hosted by Jessica Winchcombe, this is a two-part class - make the wax jewellery idea at Te Atamira (4th June, 2-5pm) and finish the cast piece of jewellery (when it is cast in Silver) at Studio 42 (this second workshop timing is flexible and can be arranged directly with Jessica).

Limited to 4 participants.

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