Jungle Gym – a collective of jewellery artists in residence


Jungle Gym – a collective of jewellery artists in residence
May 1, 2023


Jun 11, 2023
Manaaki Nui

This exciting collective six-week contemporary jewellery artist residency and exhibition is going to be ever-evolving. Every week new artists will arrive to make in this wonderful space and more contemporary jewellery will be installed until we have a grand closing. | MANAAKI NUI

Hosted By Jessica Winchcombe, Te Atamira and Studio 42.

The project will start with the host, Queenstown-based contemporary jeweller/artist/educator and owner of Studio 42 Jewellery School Jessica Winchcombe. Jessica will be occupying the space making and each week a new artist will join her.


Each time a new artist joins the space the exhibition will change creating and evolving to make room for the new artist. Not only will there be six artists in residence over the period of 1 May to 11 June there will also be contemporary jewellery arriving weekly to be exhibited by leading New Zealand Jewellers.


Also, Guestmakers from around New Zealand will also be popping in to participate in workshops and give artist talks. When the space is bursting at the seams with amazing jewellery and new ideas we will have a mighty closing celebration crescendo.


The aim is to try this pilot idea of supporting community and growth within the arts by creating a collective residency. The format is a soft space format where seeds are planted in artists' practice without an immediate outcome expected. Jessica hopes that this can support growth in makers at all stages of their practice. The selection of artists has been of people interested in pushing boundaries within their practice.


Follow along with the project on IG @jungle_gym_residency

There are various artist talks and workshops scheduled in conjunction with Jungle Gym: (Click the below titles for more info)

Workshop: Unloosed (May 14)

Workshops: The Ring Maker (May 21)

Jungle Gym - Celebration of Jewellery (May 25)

Workshop (2-part): Wax Casting (June 4)



Jessica Winchcombe

Maker / Educator

Exploring the tension between Nievity and Structure

Holding the space

1 May - 11 June

IG & FB: @jessica.winchcombe.jewellery



Anna Claire

Artist Jeweller 

Taking the space to play with movement, noise and not-body art 

15 May - 21 May


IG & FB: @annaclaireartjewellery


Neke Moa and Paula Conroy

Kaitoi and Tohunga - objects and adornment, storytelling

Through making and collaborating: an explore materials, creativity and connections to atua, tohunga and people.

16 May - 26 May

IG: @nekemoa // FB: @maorijeweller


Terzann Elliott 

Designer / Stylist / Maker 

Protection and Mortality 

A wearable experiment in new materials, with new techniques. 

22 May – 28 May 

IG: @terzann // FB: @TheTerzann



Louise Johns


Playing with form and function

“What would Bach’s wife wear”

27 May- 5 June

IG: @longjohnssilver


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