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Feb 10, 2023

A gymnasium for creative thinking. Squiggla is a programme that exercises creative thinking through free-flow mark-making and is all about visual exploration and creative discovery without the pressure to 'make art' or 'copy' something. In the world of Squiggla, you will experience mark-making in action. You are invited to exercise and embrace your creative thinking with whānau (family) and friends.

Squiggla is an accessible and judgement-free way for everyone to access and unlock lifelong creative possibilities. Experiment with marks, dots and lines to explore your curiosity and unleash new ideas! Over the next eight weeks, the Squiggla Making Space will have changing activities that encourage us all to Play + Make + Imagine + Invent.

You can arrive at any time of the day.

Squiggla workshops

Squiggla Live

Thursday 9 February. 6:00pm-7:30pm. FREE.

Listen to local musicians and make marks to the music – exploring different compositions, time and rhythm.

Squiggla is Chartwell Trust’s outreach project designed to develop creative thinking skills through intuitive, joyful mark making. It is an effective and accessible way to incorporate creative thinking skills into everyday life.

Squiggla is all about mark making – without the pressure to copy, represent or draw something. When we move away from literal, figurative representation we see and think in a freer, more creative way. In the world of Squiggla there are no rights or wrongs, only curiosity and possibilities. And the more we do, the better we can become as new connections form in our creative brains.

We can train ourselves to be more creative. We advocate that mark making (Squiggla’s action), which involves the senses – the visual, tactile and spatial in particular – is the easiest and most accessible way to train and exercise the creative brain.

Taking the time to slow down and do something tangible and creative is also good for our wellbeing. With regular use, Squiggla is a little like meditation and you can reach a Flow State.

Thanks to Starkwhite Queenstown and Auckland and St Joseph’s Primary School for generously supporting the installation with equipment.

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