Hand-built Ceramics workshop - Ages 13-18


Hand-built Ceramics workshop - Ages 13-18
April 19, 2023


Apr 20, 2023

This two-day ceramics workshop with Raquel Carter will include basic hand-building skills that offer the student a foundation to create any form. Wednesday 19 April - Thursday 20 April | 10:30am - 1pm both days

From here we will look at surface decoration including incorporating patterns and symbols from their own imagination or heritage.

Raquel Tamara Carter is a multi-disciplinary artist with a BFA-Hons in Ceramics from The National Art school in Sydney, she has a deep love for hand-building organic forms and observing all the detail in the natural environment. With flowing repetitive patterns, which tell their own story of the natural world.  With a passion for teaching art, her aim is to always encourage students to follow their intuition and unique ideas in creating any artwork. As well as incorporate their own symbols or heritage in their work.

Image: Courtesy of the artist.
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