Queenstown Art Society Workshop Series: +Create; Collage and Landscape

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Queenstown Art Society Workshop Series: +Create; Collage and Landscape
March 25, 2023


Mar 25, 2023

Megan Huffadine will lead this workshop in creating experimental works exploring composition and ideas for a landscape painting by using the mixed media collage process | 10am-1pm

Create: Rich surfaces. The course is suitable for beginners or those feeling they may need a restart. An ideal entry point for anyone wanting to connect or reconnect with their creativity. Discover the potential of acrylic paint, layering it with dry media using a range of painting tools and stencils. You will learn how to layer wet and dry media, preparation of paper for painting on, techniques for collage, make your own painting tools and create collages. These are stand alone classes which can build on each other.

Create; Collage and Landscape. Experimental works will be made on paper which will be used for making collages. Learn about composition and develop ideas for landscape painting  by using the collage process.

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