Te Taiao: with pianist Mark Wilson

Performing Arts + Theatre

Te Taiao: with pianist Mark Wilson
February 25, 2024


Feb 25, 2024
5:00 pm
$25 unwaged/$30 waged

An invitation to a musical and sensory experience: come and be re-energised by a different way of sensing the natural world. You will enter a soundscape of birdsong and live music, treasuring aromas, textures and vistas from the world around us. 5-6pm | Sunday 25 February | PUĀWAI | $25/$30 (12 and under free)

Bring a soft seat to sit or lie on while taking in this meditative way of experiencing and responding to the natural world.

Legendary local Mark Wilson is a pianist who happens to be blind, and who sees the natural world through sound in sparkling bird song, in the trickling of a stream, or in the rustle of leaves on a tree. And through exploring the sturdy leaves of a flax, the roughness of tree bark or the soft curves of stone worn by the power of water. Mark has created a blend of recorded sounds, textural objects and his own compositions to deliver a quiet and reflective experience of the natural world. His photographs and musical responses reflect this sensory viewpoint as he seeks to record the beauty of a touch with nature.

Te Taiao speaks of earth, the natural world, our connection to the environment. Project Taiao seeks to marry the worlds of music and the sounds of nature, to create an immersive and multisensory conversation weaving together sight, sound, space, and texture.

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