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Queenstown Party Orchestra
November 4, 2023


Nov 4, 2023

We had so much fun last time, we’re back to make a big fat Song and Dance of it…..! With a new expanded line-up, the Queenstown Party Orchestra is ready to bounce out of the gates for another fun-filled evening of very unserious orchestral music. Saturday, 4 November, 7pm | PUĀWAI

QPO puts a whole different spin on orchestral performance, with its exuberant, energy-filled programme. Our main focus is bringing familiar songs to life, and the audience should expect to be part of the party!! We hope to leave you sharing our love of making joyous music together.

“Way more fun than I expected it to be…...” QPO audience member.

“An orchestra that wants to be a rock band….”  QPO member!

Let’s make a Song and Dance of it……  😊

• Sheena Naughton, Claire Forrester, Erica Hastie – Violin

• Dee Robinson - Viola

• Christine Ryan – Cello

• Mary Affleck, Jo Robinson – Flute

• Dougal Canard - Trumpet

• Kirsty Burnnard – French Horn

• Emma Wilson – Trombone

• Greg East – String Bass

• Masa Nakazawa – Piano

Welcoming special guests Catherine Stewart, David Partee, and Alex McIntosh and friends.

Look forward to seeing you out there.

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