Legends of our Lands: Our Stories, Our Places, Our People


Legends of our Lands: Our Stories, Our Places, Our People
September 29, 2022


Oct 21, 2022

Mīharo is proud to present an exhibition that celebrates the work of early childhood tamariki through to high school rangatahi based on the theme ‘Legends of our Lands, our people, our places, our stories.’ 30 September – 21 October | WHAKAARI

Māori and Pasifika peoples have always passed on stories to children to ensure the intergenerational transmission of knowledge, understandings, traditions and wisdom from their ancestors.

Through this practice, accounts of worldview perspectives, legendary ancestors, historical events, inspiring people, stories of how places were formed and named, become implanted in a child’s mind.

They help to explain human existence, characteristics of human nature, the environment and the basis of a cultural worldview.

They are an integral part of cultural identity and the use of imagery and symbolism are woven within these precious stories.

To participate, click here for the full curriculum and more information about the themes of the project.

Image: Ngā Whetu o Matariki, Aurora College. Courtesy of Mīharo.

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