Introduction to Botanical Watercolour - Sold Out

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Introduction to Botanical Watercolour - Sold Out
June 10, 2023


Jun 10, 2023
$50 Unwaged / $70 Waged (+ Booking fees)

Unwind after a busy week with an afternoon of community and creativity. During this Botanical Watercolour Workshop, we will be exploring watercolour in a fun and friendly environment. Immerse yourself in nature through observation while learning tips and tricks of this challenging painting technique. All levels are welcome. | 10 June | 1-4pm | WHAKAARI

Who is the class for?


This workshop is suitable both for beginners who want to try their hand at watercolour and for intermediate and advanced level artists wanting to master their skills. An ideal introduction for those who have never held a brush in their hand, but also a refresher for those who want to improve their control skills in working with paints and working from observation.


Who is running the class?


Kasia Hebda, artist and art conservator, who works mainly with watercolours and draws inspiration from the surrounding nature through careful observation. 


What will the class involve? 


This class is focused on the foundations of working with watercolours through observation from nature. You will learn how to make a painting from start to finish.

Botanical watercolour study will involve choosing the plant, drawing the sketch, transferring it on paper and making the colour study of the plant. 


During the workshop you will learn:

  • the basics of working with watercolours through practice
  • differences between wet and dry techniques
  • how to observe nature to find your motif
  • how to mix colours to achieve natural shades
  • how to control the amount of water in the paint to achieve specific visual effects


Materials are included, but feel free to bring your favourite brushes, paints, coloured pencils and materials you would like to use.

This workshop is part of the public programme for Stone Moves.

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