Feldenkrais® for Creatives

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Feldenkrais® for Creatives
March 29, 2023


Mar 29, 2023

A 5-week series of Feldenkrais® lessons
. Ideal for singers, musicians, artists, and artisans. Nicky will lead you through gentle movement sequences that help you discover better ways of organising your body in action. No previous experience needed.

Find more room in your ribcage for breath, stand without tiring, sit without slumping, develop easy hands and arms, brighten your eyes, project your personality!

Wednesdays at 10am, 1 March - 29 March

Please register at Feldenkrais.qt@gmail.com or text 021-543-153


Nicky Tompkins graduated from the Wellington Feldenkrais® Professional Training in 2010. It’s her passion to guide students, through movement and awareness, to discover their full potential for functional wellbeing and in all that they do.


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