The Singers' Workshop - Margaret O'Hanlon

The Singers' Workshop - Margaret O'Hanlon

Singing workshops and 1:1 tuition

I have been teaching for over 30 years.  I believe everyone can learn to sing.

I run workshops for adults in a very supportive, informative and nurturing group environment geared to enable singers to achieve their goals with the added advantage of learning that they are not alone in their obstacles and fears. Learn to enjoy your voice and overcome the reluctance to sing out loud.  I offer Beginners, Advanced, Harmony and Performance Workshops.

The Singers Workshop Youth Academy is for ages 8-18 and is geared for the serious student.  Students cover all styles and aspects of singing including theory and classical.  The Academy is by invitation only.  I offer casual sessions open for all young students twice a year.

I offer Private Tuition for adults.

Read an interview with Margaret O’Hanlon here

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