Raquel Tamara Carter

Raquel Tamara Carter

Artist and Creative Arts Facilitator

I am a mixed media artist working between drawing, painting and Ceramics. With a BFA Hons from the National Art School in Sydney. Just beginning my MFA at Dunedin School of Art/Polytech.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a very creative family of artists, my Mother was a painter, my Dad was a photographer and my Grandparents were both glass engravers and sculptors. My grandmother Anne Dybka, earned herself an OAM in Australia for her work in Glass. I have always was drawing and sticking things I found together.  As a child I used to make all of my family's Christmas gifts. I would try and carve soap and make hanging things for kitchen windows. I would also make many little drawings and frame them. I remember holding my breath each time one was opened at Christmas, so hopefully, it would be loved

My imagination is awake and at work at all hours,  it definitely keeps me exploring the deeper nature of my imagination, I am ever interested in the bridge between our conscious environment and how it is connected to our subconscious world. Nature is a huge part of this for all of us. I see each person around me with their own psychic landscape and individual experience with nature and their environment. Animals are especially important in my work and represent all the facets of  the human condition.  I have more ideas than I can actually find time to make, which also keeps me going, but I have endless diaries and notebooks to store them. The pages are branches of the tree of imagination and tie back into an idea or evolve into another

I am presently running art classes with different themes each month at Te Atamira.They include the basics of painting, portraits, mountains or colour and texture. This allows the participants to pick their own subject from nature and get guidance on how to sketch, transfer and paint their subject.

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