Afro Dance with Melina Shabel

Afro Dance with Melina Shabel

Dance School

Come to this weekly (drop-in) Afro dance class - learning to move to West African rhythms, mainly Guinean influenced by Afro-brazilian and Afro-cuban cultures. Dancing is the best way to workout our body, mind and soul.

Every Wednesday 7pm | KAPA RUA

This class celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Africa, delving into the rhythmic and expressive movements deeply rooted in African traditions. Participants experience the fusion of dance, history, and community, exploring the infectious drum beats and energetic choreography that define Afro dance forms. Embrace the spirit of togetherness and community as we dance together, celebrating the joy and unity inherent in African culture.

All levels of experience are welcome: we aim to have a good time shared with other people.

Classes will take place on Wednesdays from 7pm in Kapa Rua (Dance Studio 2).

$15 a class

Melina was born-and-raised in Argentina with an insatiable love for dance. She’s been grooving to Afro Brazilian, Afro Guinean, and Afro Cuban beats for a solid 15 years, spreading the dance bug from Argentina to Mexico and now in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand.
Since 2021, She’s been sharing her dance passion and knowledge in Queenstown. Also presented workshops and performed at notable events in New Zealand.  It's been a wild ride bringing these rich cultural rhythms to life on stage!

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