6 November 2023

We’re fundraising for a new outdoor space

We’re fundraising for a new outdoor space

Te Atamira, Queenstown’s local arts and culture centre, needs your help to create an inclusive space for community connection and creativity right outside our doors.

Here at Te Atamira, we’re passionate about providing fit-for-purpose spaces for people of all ages to experience creativity. With over 2,300 visitors each week and stunning landscapes right on our doorstep, we want to create a dynamic community space outdoors for our talented local artists and creatives.


Due to Queenstown’s rapid growth, there is a real lack of gathering spaces for the community which is often found in older, more established towns and cities in New Zealand. 


Now, we have the opportunity to reimagine almost 4,000m2 of green space to the east of Te Atamira - currently an unkept paddock.

Our goal is to fill this outdoor space with several key features, including a half-basketball court, an artful play area with swings, an outdoor gathering space for performances, a celestial compass to share local stories, a learn-to-ride space, communal table and seating areas with shade, and potentially even a mini skate ramp.


Your donation will help us create an engaging and thoughtful space that reflects the identity of our community and encourages creativity to flourish. This space will be for everyone, from workers, to caregivers, to those wanting to enjoy the sunshine in their neighbourhood.   


Help us kick-start our fundraising by donating today, so together, we can build a community outdoor space in Tāhuna Queenstown for all to enjoy!


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