Leah Thomas Dance (LT Dance)

Leah Thomas Dance (LT Dance)

Dance School

Turn’d Up Fitness with Leah

Turn'd Up Fitness is a unique, high energy, award winning, dance fitness Class to R&B Hip Hop and Dancehall music and is WAY more than just a fitness class. It's teaching you to feel powerful and confident with your bodies. It's about letting go, having fun, and releasing those sassy inner divas, whilst burning up to 800 calories in this total body workout with easy to follow choreography! A totally judgement free zone where you can become whoever you want to be -with the lights low, energy and sass levels high! Whether your a dancer, usedto dance years ago or have only ever danced in a club, Turn'd Up ticks all the boxes and will make you FEEL amazing! Join our community of empowering, uplifting QUEENS and watch your confidence grow in mind and body week on week!



QT Heels

QT Heels is a fierce, dynamic and high-energy Dance class, aimed to give you confidence,empowerment & self love through movement. You will learn to dance and execute fresh commercial dance routines every 2 weeks to your favourite sassy tunes, improve your confidence, flexibility and technique in heels.

(Pleasenot heals are optional, come and join us in your chunky boots, small heals,flats or even trainers!)

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